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Important Notice (please, send a message before pay)

 Total: $1,200 MXN 

Pudzyah "Mayan Massage"

It’s a high ceremonial act, means: "Squeez the pain of the soul" and more than a massage, it is a Mayan initiation into healing. It is a ceremony to help cure your soul.

A Mayan healing of high intensity, almost unknown, also help to open  the consciousness and goes to our different bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

Benefits: Peace and well-being.

This knowledge was inherited by the maternal grandmother of the Mayan Elder and  healer Antonio Oxté.


All inclusive Quest

  • StarQuest Expedition

    FIRST Sacred Path of StarQuest! On sale until August 20
    • 5 Days & 6 nights
    • Lodging (single room) & transportation
    • Direct contact with the Elders Medicine Guardians.
    • 4 session of Integration process therapy post quest.
    • Ceremony in the National Reef Park Puerto Morelos
    • Mayan and other healing sessions
    • Temazcal / Sweat lodge
    • Vegan Meals
    • Main native ceremony of 4 Tabacos
    • Sanctuary for activities
    • Guided maditation
    • Special sound healing
    • Activities in the mayan jungle
    • Visit to a cenote
    • Offering and more...
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