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Do you ever have feelings about yourself that you can't quite explain? Do you feel yourself vibrate on a higher frequency when your begin seeking the deeper truths about your life’s purpose and mission? Do you feel more like yourself with a positive change in your personality when you are surrounded by and connected to nature?

Have you been looking for a safe and sacred environment to experience traditional ceremonies? Do you ask existential questions about yourself that you haven't found the answers to? Have you been afraid to start for fear that you’ll fall victim to scams or disingenuous shamans?

Reef Puerto Morelos

What you will find through StarQuest is a deeply moving spiritual experience guided by our Elders medicine Guardians that specialize in power plants ceremonies, enhanced by hundreds years of wisdom.

Experience a multicultural ceremony of love, service, peace, and prosperity. Attend a deep healing session with the spiritual essence of the water and the beats of Afro-Brazilian chants united with the deep ancestral wisdom of Mexico. A supportive ritual to evolve our being

Encounter with differents power medicine plants. The safety, physical and psychological integrity of each participant will always be our top priority. We can not accept you to attend the services of StarQuest for any of the following reasons found here.

The entire undertaking, individual journeys of participants and lectures / messages from the Elders will be documented on film during the expedition. You are able to opt out of being included in this prior to the launch of StarQuest if you are not comfortable with being on film. The contents of this footage will be used for future promotional material as well as the upcoming documentary currently being developed on our work.


Also, part of the profits will go back into our communities and we will develop ideas to back into creating smart strategy action for a sustainable future for our local like offer education and create start ups. Some of the indigenous groups of are not evolving their identity, are loosing it other are now down to only a few hundred people each, with up to half of their populations missing due to alcoholism and other self destructive behaviors. We have relationships with many native groups across the entire country like Mayan, Wirarika, Nahuas as well as the Concheros from Querétaro, the Purépechas from Michoacán, the Mazatecos from Oaxaca and the Native Seris from Sonora. Depending on which Elders join us on, you will be meeting them in the different location in Mexico in pursuit of our spiritual quest to go within.

Our goal in the future is to use our profits to purchase land to create sacred spaces to foster a bright future for our younger generations, giving them access to modern technologies to use in intuitive ways, teaching them about their cultural heritage in a fun and interesting way and sharing knowledge on permaculture, inspiring our communities to be waste free and able to provide for themselves.

We want to make the world a better place, and we start by understanding ourselves through our ceremonies, asking for permission from Mother Earth to learn from her medicines so that we may grow and give back.

We can organize a whole experience for private groups or individual experiences in the Yucatan Peninsula

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You will be provided with daily meals, prepared during our ceremonies as per request of the Elders. There will be fasting prior to ceremonies to later serve special foods to recover energy, which you will be notified of. 

You will be able to participate in temazcales, our culturally purifying ceremonial sweat lodges.

Tata Juvenal
Abuelo Antonio
Puerto Morelos

5 Days & 6 nights journey with us will include transport, pickup from the Cancun meeting point. We have 1 fully insured Sprinter vans with AC that will be taking us to our destinations listed below where you will also find the specific accommodation. We will have double room to bring with them one large suitcase and one carry on item such as a backpack.

vegan meal 1
Tropical Fruit

Our daily activities will be in a the jungle of Ruta de los Cenotes, Puerto Morelos, Quientana Roo where we will have all our activities & ceremonies.

Beach of Puerto Morelos

The StarQuest journey is focused on the element of water. Our quest is in Puerto Morelos, and in the Reef park, home to the second largest reef in the world and teeming with a wealth of diverse and significant marine life. The reef generates a high vibratory frequency across the entire area. A vast underground river system and one of the largest water reserves in the world can also be found throughout the area. 

On day 1 we will have scheduled transportation to collect participants from the meeting point that will bring you directly to the location and start our journey and have the first ceremony in the reef. 

After will travel to the jungle of Puerto Morelos drop your cases before to continue to the program ceremony where is the Teocalli to enjoy the 1st ceremony.

sacred altar

We then make our way to Valladolid and Sisbichen for 5 days, the group will stay at the Hotel El Mesón del Marqués.

In Sisbichen is where we will have our 2 medicine ceremony, temazcal, sound healing, and more.


We then have some healing therapies and visit a cenote to end our quest with a special ceremony and dinner.

Hombre de fuego, Fireman


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