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Ceremony by Tata Juvenal

Ceremony of 4 Tobacco by Tata Juvental and Nana Ana

It is called 4 tobacco because we handle 4 elements, the earth that is the hukuri, Air is the Rapé (medicine) that cleanses and shakes the darkness, the Water that is Ayahuasca prosecuting cleaning and healing, the 4 tobacco that is the fire that is the eldest, is the spirit that sustains, each tobacco has its songs.

There are 4 power plants

The first tobacco is to offer the consciences of our thoughts, tobacco evolves your thoughts and the heart so that you put a purpose in the fire through tobacco, that is the first prayer to be able to bless and be able to have an evolutionary work to be able to find the cosmo perception of each plant, at the beginning a permission is sung to connect with the grandfather fire and tobacco,

The second tobacco is the green Hikuri (Medicine) which is blessed and given in 3 forms, the first in powder spoonful called star dust, the second form is in a drink called SANDERO is a fermented called "tepache" that it is pineapple juice with maguey honey and some citrus fruits that go through a fermentation and maguey honey is added to give it sweet stability, another form is green Hikuri with maguey honey, this is to align the purpose with grandfather Peyote, aligning the consciousness of what we work with Tobacco, we align the energy of thought of what we seek within our being, the Hikuri is vertical energy that guides you with what you need to heal in addition to finding emotional distortions of character, that's why it's blue deer because it affirms you, sustains you and keeps you in joy, we do songs and meditation for the purpose of opening the heart to be receptive to what the medicine has to give you,

3rd tobacco is the medicine of snuff to clarify the mind, cleanse the pineal gland to evolve everything that we are projecting and have emotional stability to be able to channel the intention, then we continue singing.

4 tobacco we pray the morning water with the Ayahuasca we offer songs to gives us light, gives us love, gives us clarity in what we need.

The ceremony has a process, a guide, and at dawn comes the recapitulation of our spiritual work, what we have felt and what is evolving, the ceremony ends with a dance of joy in addition to always waiting until the last sister or brother finishes their process.

Each ceremony is carried out in total containment and security for the participants, there is a guardian for the women and a guardian for the men whose function is to assist each sister and brother if they need something during the ceremony.

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